Amrita (neo_valkyrie) wrote in graphic_holic,

Hi~! I would like to request a layout for my livejournal. I would like it to look exactly like this one here at panic_teacup except with a different header image and color scheme.

Here's the header image I would like to go on top:

Header Image

And this as the main color scheme I would like to go with the header~!

Page Background Color = #34b082
Main Content Background Color = #faf0c6

ummm... and if the color scheme doesn't make much sense then I would like it to look exactly like the color scheme here at my livejournal => iami5o4

That's pretty much it. I would also like to request albionete to do this for me.

Thanks for everything! This really means a lot to me because I've been trying to get this layout made for a very long time now but it just never comes out right. T__T Once again THANK YOU! Oh and take your time, I'm in no rush~! :D
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Hello! ^^ Pleasure to meet you!

Here are the directions to applying the layout!

1. Change your style to S2 if needed
2. Change your layout style to "Flexable Squares"
3. Go to "Custom Options" then "Custom CSS"
4. Take your CSS URL and put it in the box labled "Custom external stylesheet URL"
5. Save changes
6. Credit graphic_holic and reversescollide in your USERINFO.
Here is 1 button for each community if you choose to use them.


I hope you like it and if you have any questions, just comment back! ^^

Oh wow it looks amazing! Thank you soo much for making this for me and so fast! :D YOUR AWESOME! *-*
Thank you so much!! ^^ Just don't forget to credit~!