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So, hi, hello.. This is my first time requesting here and I'm not too sure if I'll cover all bases of information for you to create something, but if there's anything extra needed to know, then tell me! I'll be willing to give it.

The request is for a simple header, friends only banner, and matching icon... As well as a header for the userinfo - like what I have currently. It will be used between my writing lj and this one, my main one.

On the journal header, I don't mind the color scheme. I'm open to let you do whatever looks nice with the graphic. I would like this text on it:
"We drink each other dry ... speak my language"

Pictures to create header:

and the fourth image... Well, I'm putting up two options. Whichever is easier to use...

And then for the userinfo banner thingy...
These images:

As for that, color scheme, I don't mind what it is as well. I just only ask it has text somewhere on it that says "Friends Only" and "Crazy Mad Family" (Gotta love Kenzi &hearts) ...

Um, I don't mind if it's just the graphics as seperate. I can use S2 to use the header, but if that's not your style then... once again, I'm pretty much open and usually happy with everything done for me. Appreciation and all that. Hard work makes it that much more lovely. But, like I said, if you need anything else, then let me know! And thank you, ahead, if you do this for me. &hearts I'm really easy going, lol. I guess, obviously... Um.. Thank you!
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