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requesting a layout

Hello ^_^

i would like to request a layout for my own journal (meilleuru) (i hope you still take requests ;-;)
it's the first time i requesting one, and english is not my native language so please ask if there is any question ^_^

[] Header Picture
should be this:
[] Entry divinder (if possible, it's not necessary ^_^)
(created out of: & if you can make if better :))
[] Colors
Entries background should be white or a light version of red
The rest could be different kinds of red (it also can go into brown)
I would prefer it if the layout wouldn't be too dark
[]layout itself
-should be the same system like mine actual layout @meilleuru
-entries left, sidebar is not necessary ( i don't know what i could write into them ..)
-it must work with the friends site (i had some where he header doesn't show up etc.)
-links to friends-site+userinfo+website should be included somewhere ^_^

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