Amrita (neo_valkyrie) wrote in graphic_holic,

Hi~! I would like to request a layout for my livejournal. I would like it to look exactly like this one here at panic_teacup except with a different header image and color scheme.

Here's the header image I would like to go on top:

Header Image

And this as the main color scheme I would like to go with the header~!

Page Background Color = #34b082
Main Content Background Color = #faf0c6

ummm... and if the color scheme doesn't make much sense then I would like it to look exactly like the color scheme here at my livejournal => iami5o4

That's pretty much it. I would also like to request albionete to do this for me.

Thanks for everything! This really means a lot to me because I've been trying to get this layout made for a very long time now but it just never comes out right. T__T Once again THANK YOU! Oh and take your time, I'm in no rush~! :D
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